Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the world’s reference dates back to the Arab legacy that continues to live on throughout the centuries.


In Arabic, Alzahira means shining and bright in addition to the meaning of resplendent.

Just like the plot of an olive tree at germination, the “small flower” tells the story of a lost city in Cordoba that was surrounded by an olive grove that yielded an elixir with a very distinctive taste.


Through an exclusive symbol that pays tribute to Al-Andalus and its millenary art, we want to communicate to the world what makes Cordoba special.

The Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

An oil from those specially selected olives that made Alzahira a reference among the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Notas de cata

On the nose, you will notice very intense fruity aromas of green olives and freshly cut grass. Aromas of banana, almond, and tomato stand out. Notes of wild herbs and aromatics combine on the nose.

After bursting with a flavorful sweetness, the oil exhibits a powerful but well-balanced spiciness and bitterness.

The aftertaste is one of alloza and green banana. Overall a complex juice of great persistence.

La joya

It was made by the best goldsmiths and jewelers of Cordoba respecting the millenary arts that are still alive in the heart of the city and is comprised of a brass vessel adorned with a piece of filigree, a type of Arab art still being practiced today in this part of the world.

La joya

Una pieza exclusiva y de edición limitada, está fabricada por los mejores orfebres y joyeros cordobeses respetando las artes milenarias que siguen vivas en el corazón de la ciudad y que constan de un recipiente de latón fabricado a mano, que emula las vasijas de la época adornada de una pieza de Filigrana, que es un arte árabe que todavía hoy se sigue trabajando en esta parte del mundo.

The essence of alzahira

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500 ml.